Q & A

I had a positive pregnancy test at home. What do I do now?

The Pregnancy Help Center is a great place to start. We are here to help you with the next steps. If you receive a positive test result, we have resources and information that can help you through your journey. Our staff cares about you.

Am I ready to have a baby?

It is not uncommon to feel a lot of different pressures and emotions about the decisions that lay before you. The more information you get now the better you will feel about your decisions later.

Does the center provide Abortions?

The center does provide educational information about the RU486, the morning after pill, abortion procedures, the potential side effects and risks.

We receive no profit from your decision regarding abortion. The center does not provide abortions nor refer for abortions.

Can the Father come too?

Absolutely, dads are welcome! This can be a confusing time for a father to understand his role and how to be involved. We have information to help you too.

I don’t want to have an abortion, or choose an adoption but I don’t feel ready to parent. I don’t know what to do?

Feeling stuck with a decision you don’t feel ready for, is not a place you want to stay. The volunteers and staff care and offer a safe place to process your concerns. This is a big decision that will impact your life. Our Building Blocks curriculum can help you feel more empowered to be a parent.